Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recall of Promotional Products

The most often recalled promotional product categories include:
  • Wearables (40%): shirts (22%), caps/headwear (11%), outerwear (6%), other wearables (2%)
  • Writing Instruments (35%)
  • Drinkware (19%)

Promotional products have a high reach and potential for top-of-mind recall and are an excellent medium to increase and sustain brand awareness.

Unaided brand recall is a brand strength indicator as it depends on strength and organization of memories and their accessibility. It is affected by:
  • interference of other product information
  • time since last exposure
  • the number and type of external retrieval cues

Promotional products can be used to minimize time gaps in exposure occasions and provide external cues to help brand recall. They should be provided on a regular basis, have a clear connection to the brand, and should be relevant to the consumer.

Source:  Promotional Products Association International

Friday, February 15, 2013

HOT new products!

HOT new products!

Beat Bottle
Turn your iphone into a mini boombox!

iphone Case and Wallet
All-in-one plastic case cover and smart wallet for iPhones!

Triple Play Stylus
Stylus, pen and highlighter!

Gadget Grip Dot
Powerful brand recognition with thousands of touches per day!

Be creative with this revolutionary new stress relief dough, and mold it into your 3-D logo lid!

Gadget Gripper
Handle-like grips for tablet computers!

aRoma Ball
Scented aroma stress ball that diffuses scent when squeezed.

iphone speaker amplifier boosts sound up to 200%!

Pre-Sewn Distressed Letters & Numbers
No sewing or embroidery equipment required!

We've got tons of new, innovative products! 
Give us a call for more ideas!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting a Jump on Spring Promotional Items

It's a blizzard out there today!  But, we're thinking spring!

Letting go of winter is the perfect time to switch up your marketing techniques! Consider incorporating promotional products to increase brand recognition, generate higher recall and increase message exposure. Here are some of our favorite ideas for promotional products for the spring thaw:

Spring cleaning
Out with the old, in with new ideas to promote your brand. Encourage employees to get in the spirit of spring cleaning with branded cleaners and organizers. Or focus on cleaning up the environment with eco-friendly organic cotton totes or solar-powered technology gifts.


Spring fever
Celebrate the upcoming warm weather with outdoor promotions. This is the time for company picnics, golf tournaments, and charity walks - consider ways to tie-in these celebrations with your marketing efforts. Provide gifts and giveaways to complement these events and stay in front of customers and potential customers!  

Spring Seeds
Yep, it's a good time to make things grow. Let your customers know that your company is "green" by tying in promotions that utilize seeds or plantable items. 


Spring Fling
As the weather warms, think of ways to be seen - this is the time for umbrellas, koozies, coolers, folding chairs, water bottles, sunglasses, sport packs and more!


Spring Apparel
It's finally almost time for lightweight apparel and short sleeves!


Earth Day
Nothing celebrates the season more than Earth Day.  


Golf Gear
Folks are itching to hit the greens . . . we've got tons of golf items!

There are tons of promotional items that can give your business the boost that it needs as the spring comes around again. Most people look forward to the opportunity to get out more often so why not let them do so with a logo imprinted item from your business?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spring Cleaning Your Brand

Do your marketing materials need a "pick me up" to attract some new interest and new clients?  Spring cleaning - eliminating clutter in our homes and streamlining our lives - applies to our brands, as well. A brand isn't a static element; it needs constant attention. It is always growing and evolving with internal changes and market influences. The challenge is that good ideas, no matter how good, eventually get stale, so it's important to periodically step back and look at the whole picture again. Spring is the season of change, so why not kick it off by spring cleaning your brand?

Here are some concepts on how you can evaluate your brand and achieve a renewed look, improved plan and reinvigorated motivation this spring:

Conduct a Brand Audit
Set aside time and review everything from your customers' point-of-view, then ask yourself: Are there any messages that no longer serve your purpose? Are you communicating with your customers in one cohesive voice so that your message is loud and clear? Has your brand evolved beyond what your materials are currently saying about it? When you talk about your company, what words do you use? These words are the keys to your marketing.

Do You Need a Brand Refresh?
Once you conduct a brand audit, resolve how to clarify, update and streamline your brand's look, feel, and message. A simple brand refresh allows you to continue to evolve your brand rather than stand still. You'll want to literally "clean up" the brand components, i.e., re-position key messages, sharpen the visual identity, update styles, and create innovative ways to engage with employees, clients and your target market.

Maintaining your brand is an ongoing responsibility. So, give your brand a good clean every spring - you'll feel leaner and more efficient as you charge ahead for the rest of the year.

Consider New Methods of Acquiring Customers
We tend to use the familiar methods of attracting customers because they once worked - are they still working for your business? Have you done something new and unfamiliar to attract new customers? Promotional products are the clear choice for any company looking build a customer database, proving to be more cost-effective than any other marketing medium.

Energize Your Team
Incorporate incentive programs for a spring boost! Or, get your employees excited about your company's upcoming year by coming up with innovative team building initiatives.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Spring Promotion Ideas

Despite the snow out there today, spring fever will be back. We'll even be complaining about the heat soon! But, NOW IS THE TIME to put spring fever to work, grab some of that energy and funnel it into your business.

Here are just a few suggestions for implementing spring promotions for your business:

Free Gift to Visitors
Spring encourages everyone to get out and about - invite them to your business with an offer of a free gift just for stopping by. Consider some practical promotional items, or even a small gift certificate for a future purchase.

A contest is a fun campaign to capture your audience and attract new clients. You could bundle your own products as a prize or form a joint venture with another business to come up with a large prize.
You can also use Direct Mail for innovative ways to build traffic: How about sending a playing card that cannot be opened until participant is at your business or event? The card is then removed to reveal players hand for chance at a prize. Or, sending a key for recipients to use when they stop in and try to unlock a chest? Give us a call for more ideas!


Spring Into Shape
Many people gain weight over the winter and want to get in shape for the summer. Helping clients to achieve this goal is a great way to boost your business. Your spring promotions could include offerings to help them get in shape or be healthy. 

Getting Out
Feel spring fever coming on? Great! Get up from the desk and away from the business and take advantage of some networking opportunities. Attend events and schedule face-to-face meetings; you'll benefit from making new contacts and strengthening existing ones. Consider leaving them with a promotional item - they'll be sure to remember you!


Going Green
Encourage your employees to organize or participate in a "Community Spring Clean" for a local non-profit organization. Folks spend a day giving back to the community: the community benefits from the volunteerism, and your  
business benefits from the publicity of goodwill.

Celebrate the warm weather with outdoor events. Host a company outing or a golf tournament. Branded items like hats, sunglasses, t-shirts, and tote bags can be used again after the event is over, keeping your brand working throughout the season.


Spring in your Step  
Participate in, or sponsor, a local event that benefits a worthy cause, like a walk or marathon. Invite all of your employees and customers to join the effort and collect donations. Include a picture of everyone in their custom t-shirts in in a press release to gain publicity for your company and the cause, which will garner more awareness and donations.

These are just a few spring marketing tips to give your spring sales a boost. Give us a call for more suggestions!