Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Promotional Products - the Most Cost-Effective Method of Marketing!

According to the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI), the average cost-per-impression (CPI) of an advertising specialty item is $.005 -- this is significantly less than nearly any other media. According to their data, the CPI for a national magazine ad is $.045; for a newspaper ad, $.029; for a prime-time TV ad, $.018; and for a spot radio ad, $.058.

According to the same ASI study, 83% in the US say they can identify the company on a promotional item they own; and 41% in the US say their opinion of the advertiser is more favorable after receiving a promotional product.

Promotional items not only bring brand recognition, customer loyalty and promote business/charitable efforts; they are also the most cost-effective method of marketing.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ride the Wave! Brand Your iPad!

The iPad wave is taking over the nation!  Are you on-board yet?  It's a great opportunity for you to align your brand with the latest trend. Here are some ways to show that your company is on the cutting-edge:

Important Clients/Prospects
Put your logo on an iPad accessory and make a statement about your brand. Show that your company is tech-savvy and easily adapts with the times. Give these products to important clients and prospects. Send to top clients as a holiday gift to thank them for business over the year. 

Employee Incentive/Awards
Outfit your sales forces who use ipads with key accessories as sales incentives or to  reward top performing employees.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top Reasons to Create Calendars and Send Holiday Cards

It's time to order your holiday cards and 2012 calendars!

Seize these opportunities to communicate with your customers or potential customers!

Top 5 Reasons to Give Out Calendars 

Long Lasting Exposure 

Calendars have a shelf life of a year! On average, people look at calendars 12 times a day; 84 times a week and over 4,000 times a year. Capitalize on this! 


Calendars command the use of valuable wall or desk space. 

How about these numbers? 98% of homes and almost 100% of businesses use at least one calendar.

Since calendars are useful at home and in the workplace, they are considered gifts and are appreciated by recipients. 

Great ROI 

Some calendars cost as little as $.40 each . . . and they are in constant view of your customers all year long! Folks are more likely to be impressed by a company who gives away a product and turn to them when it's time to purchase. 

Easy to Customize 

There are so many different designs and styles to choose from. Personalized calendars express your company and its individualized message. Differentiate your company from your competition! 


Since calendars are only distributed to a targeted audience, you can directly market to your clients and potential clients.

Plus, calendars provide an efficient way to promote a whole year's of specials and selling points! 

Top 5 Reasons to Send Holiday Cards 

Strength Business Relationships 

Holiday cards thank your customers for yesterday's business and remind them for tomorrow's business. They provide a personal touch with your customers or potential customers. Show you care enough to take the time to remember them. Plus, it's just good manners. 

Don't forget sending holiday cards to your employees! Make your workforce feels like they are part of the team. 

Brand Your Business 

Forget the generic cards and go with something that resonates with your customers! Holiday cards that include your logo and tag line reinforce your brand. They also provide an opportunity to include a unique message about your company that reflects your core values, without shouting it. 

Cost Effective 

Holiday cards are an inexpensive way to connect with clients and potential clients. It's a small expense for the huge ROI in generating goodwill. You really can't afford NOT to send holiday cards! 

Break Through the Noise 

With all of the emails, texts and social posts out there, you'd think that the sending of holiday cards is a lost art. Not at all! We all get tons of emails that we glance at and then delete, right? So, break through the noise with a holiday card. Custom cards are always opened and enjoyed and are often displayed for all to see. What an awesome way to get your name out there! 

Update/Track Your Contact Mailing List 

Sending holiday cards provides an opportunity to update (or build!) your contact mailing list. 

If you offer a coupon or special offer in your holiday card, you can keep track of the effectiveness.