Thursday, October 25, 2012

One of the Best Holiday Gifts

When it comes to picking out a gift for employees or clients, you can't go wrong with gourmet food gifts!

Why is gourmet food a #1 holiday business gift?

Food gifts are universal, convenient, unique, and personal! You don't need to worry about the recipients' gender or size.  Plus, a food gift is appropriate for everyone in an organization from the newest employee to the president.

Food gifts generate goodwill with everyone in the office, rather than just a single individual. An entire office staff can enjoy and be reminded of your brand!

Food gifts generate a lot of excitement.  Ever been in an office that received a gift basket or gourmet tower?  It's a thrill for everyone rushing to open the gift in anticipation. Then, recipients indulge and enjoy immensely . . . compliments of you.

Corporate food gifts are not only well-received, they can be used to meet various price points.  In other words, they don't cost a fortune AND have high perceived value (people love food)!

Consider giving food gifts that come in reusable tins or boxes to provide a lengthier impression. Plus, it gives the perception that your gift is actually a gift, not an advertisement.

We've got some great options!  Check out this e-catalog and then give us a call to order!  800-264-4294 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Holiday Cards and Calendars -- seize the opportunities!

It's time to order your holiday cards and 2013 calendars!

Seize these opportunities to connect with your customers or potential customers!
Holiday Cards 

Holiday cards provide a personal touch, in an inexpensive way, to thank your customers for yesterday's business and remind them for tomorrow's business. They also provide an opportunity to include a custom message about your company that reflects your core values, without shouting it.
Holiday cards are always opened and enjoyed and are often displayed for all to see. What an awesome way to get your name out there!  

And, don't forget sending holiday cards to your employees! Remind your employees that they are part of the team.


Click here to check out our huge variety of holiday cards! 

Promotional calendars have been around for 150+ years. Even with the explosion of calendar functions on computers and smart phones, etc., custom desk calendars, personal planners,and calendar magnets still remain as some of the top-selling promotional products -- even for 2013! 
Why? Calendars have a shelf life of a year and provide a steady stream of referrals! They are simple, functional and command the use of valuable wall or desk space.
There are no computer programs to open, no buttons to press and no typing to be done. It just takes a quick glance to know the date. And all that's needed to record an appointment or other reminder is a pen and 10 seconds of time.  
Some calendars cost as little as $.40 each . . . and they are in constant view of your customers all year long This provides an efficient way to promote a whole year's of specials and selling points! 

We have tons of calendar options, including:
Wall Calendars, which offer a different high-quality photo or graphic every month with lots of room for notes for each day of the month and lots of room for a message
Desk Calendars tell you the date instantly, don't take up a lot of space and are looked at many times a day  

 Calendar Pads showcase your logo on office desks to be seen all day long!

Calendar Magnets get prominently displayed on the favorite spot in the house - the refrigerator.  


Planners are great for organizing your daily life, hour-by-hour, day-by-day and week-by-week.