Monday, May 28, 2012

Pop Culture + Promotional Products = Brand Facelift

Yes, traditional promotional products such as pens, magnets, key chains and notepads are tried and true items that will always have their place in marketing. However, keeping an eye on trends and becoming an active participant in the phenomena will give a huge boost to your brand. Think of some items that have worked in the past . . .  Beanie Babies, Sili Bandz, Ionic Sports Necklaces, and more!

Capitalize on the trend:  What’s the current must-have item?  What’s new in pop culture, runway looks, and pro athletic wear?  When a hot new craze hits the market, the consumer’s demand has already been demonstrated.  This is the time to introduce a well-conceived promotional product!   The folks at Petrocelli Marketing, are trend-spotter gurus!  We keep up with the trends and have the expertise to help you choose the best items for your brand.  We’ll make sure the hot new fad connects with your brand . . . and gives a jolt to your marketing!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What You Need to Know About Golf Tournament Branding

Golf tournaments provide the perfect venue for companies to promote their names, businesses, products and services. Petrocelli Marketing knows the value of golf tournaments as remarkable marketing opportunities and we can help you make the absolute most out of your event! We've prepared a plan to seize every chance for brand-building:

Pre-Event Marketing
Save-the-date cards, invitations, brochures and posters are all great ways to spread the word.

Important Tip: These pre-event printed items should always include the date, time, place, cause, and sponsors.

Celebrity Appearances
Consider having a celebrity or local business leader to be part of
your event - it will give the tournament instant credibility.

Important Tip: Be sure to feature the celebrity or business leader - send out press releases before the event, take pictures during the event, and send out press releases with photos after the event.

Sponsor Marketing Opportunities

Offer a lot of sponsorships and load them with value. The majority of your event's revenue comes from sponsors. These businesses, organizations and individuals will all be driven to your event because of the opportunity for increased exposure. You can sell spotlights such as tee-signs, pin flags, skills contests, signage on the golf cars.

Important Tip: Offer your sponsors ideas for establishing their presence as a sponsor. How about handing out other brand building tools like logo stadium cups, bottle coolers, golf pencils, or scorecards?

Show your sponsors and golfers appreciation for their support and participation with professionally created banner, signs and flags.

Important Tip: Sponsors support your event in return for more visibility among existing or potential clients. Be sure to have high-quality banners and signs and always include the sponsors' names!
                                                                                                           Golf Sign $13.11

Some of the most popular giveaways include imprinted golf balls, ball markers, divot repair tools, golf towels, shirts, visors, caps, golf umbrellas and golf bags. You should also consider offering other practical marketing tools like custom sunscreen or hand sanitizer.

Important Tip: Use high-end promotional items to promote your corporate image at every golf tournament. Your potential customers will perceive your promotion - and your business - as high quality.
Titleist Golf Ball Tube                               Golf Kit                                                 Golf Umbrella
prices as low as $13.00 ea.     prices as low as $11.70 ea.     prices as low as $17.35 ea.


Providing volunteers with useful promotional items benefit the people helping at the tournament as well as the sponsors. Items such as imprinted golf umbrellas, embroidered golf shirts, golf jackets, visors and caps will be appreciated by volunteer staff, while at the same time displaying your logo and sponsors' logos!
                                                                                                                                                Nike Cap $21.98 ea.

Important Tip: Volunteer T-Shirts are always a hit. Not only do they help identify everyone who is helping out at the event, they also contribute to a sense of camaraderie among the volunteers and will be surely worn after the event.

Show even more goodwill for a charity golf tournament! Hold a raffle for the charity and supply some high-end items that players would appreciate.

Important Tip: Showcase the items before the tournament so people can see the items they could win and sell the raffle tickets before they hit the course. Also have raffle ticket sales available at the awards ceremony following the tournament.                                                                              Golf Bag $193.00

Be sure to give out awards for all kinds of achievements, such as Longest Putt, Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, and Overall Best Golfer. And, while the huge check may be a bit overdone, it's a great way to increase donations and get public relations!

Golf Ball Clock $30.53 ea.

Important Tip: Trophies and plaques should be imprinted or engraved with your tournament name and logo, date, location, and the contest or event the award represents.

Post-tournament Marketing Opportunity
Be sure to thank all participants. How about sending them a themed frame with a picture - not only will they appreciate the gesture, they will likely display it on their desk - even more exposure for your brand!
Golf Frame $2.83 ea.

Important Tip: Assign at least one person to take photos throughout the entire event. Be sure to take photos of all participants and all sponsor advertising.

Petrocelli Marketing is dedicating to helping golf tournament organizers deliver ROI! Give us a call!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Great place to put your logo!

Introducing the world's first silicone pint glass, Silipint™. This 16 oz. pint glass is unbreakable! It's made of 100% food grade silicone, FDA approved, BPA free and non-toxic. You can dish wash it, nuke it, freeze it, bake in it, bounce it and even run over it with your car. No more broken glass or throw away cups. Great place to put your logo!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Promo Item Everyone is Flipping Over!

This sand sifter is a Stress Reliever - Paperweight and a Cool way to Communicate. Watch as colored sand flows through to reveal your logo on one side - FLIP-IT - and reveal a differant logo or message on the other side. KEY Advertising Value

BONUS FEATURES: User will regularly INTERACT at their desk with your logo and message. Customer spends time CONCENTRATING on your brand. Customer is INVOLVED with your promotional theme. Customers can't resist DEMONSTRATING The Sandvertiser to others - thus your message impact multiplies.