Tuesday, July 24, 2012

USB Drives -- Fun and Functional


USB flash drives are a popular giveaway - they have a high perceived value, and will be used again and again - giving your brand plenty of exposure!

Hot tip: put the USBs to work for your business by uploading a catalog, a link to your site, customer testimonials, video demonstrations, PointPoint presentations . . . the possibilities are endless!

Here are some of our favorite clever USBs for your logo:

Magic USB (prices as low as $9.71 ea.)    Rubik's USB (prices as low as $9.09 ea.)

Secret USB (prices as low as $8.78 ea.)           Puzzle USB (call for pricing)   
Bottle Opener USB (call for pricing)       Wristband USB (prices as low as $9.36 ea.) 
Liquid Filled USB (prices as low as $8.04 ea.)    Can USB (prices as low as $6.23 ea.) 
       Promo Book USB (call for pricing)    Lanyard USB (prices as low as $6.51 ea.)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hit the Jackpot with Scratch 'N Win Cards in your Next Marketing Promotion!

What makes Scratch 'n Win Card Promotions so successful?

It's EngagingScratch 'n Win Cards excite consumers by offering them a chance to win a prize at essentially no expense.

It's Interactive! Studies have shown that people interact with Scratch 'N Win 10 times more than coupons, which means more brand and message exposure!

It's SurprisingEveryone loves a game and loves the opportunity to be surprised by a big win!

Ideas for Scratch 'N Win Card Promotions
  • Every time customers buy your product they get a Scratch' N Win Card with a possibility of winning a prize or discount on a future purchase.
  • Hand out Scratch 'N Win Cards and call for consumers to visit your website to see if they've won. Be sure to have an e-mail capture on your website!
  • Boost your fundraising efforts by giving Scratch 'N Win Cards to folks who donate.
  • Hand out Scratch 'N Win Cards at a tradeshow entrance and increase your traffic by telling winners to claim their prize at your booth.
  • Give out Scratch 'N Win Cards in your employee incentive program.
  • Offer Scratch 'N Win Cards to anyone who signs up for your email list.

Any way you choose to use Scratch 'N Win Cards, you'll hit the jackpot in your marketing campaign!

We've got tons of ideas -- give us a call today to get started on a Scratch 'N Win Promotion for your business!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Want to Take Your Promotion to the Next Level?

Check out this case history . . . 

Verizon wanted to increase their customer base with extreme sport enthusiasts. They had a sponsorship booth at the 2011 X Games and brought Sour Patch Kids packets showing a full color image of Verizon sponsored athletes. The Verizon booth workers gave the Sour Patch Kids packets to anyone that signed up as a Verizon X games fan. Verizon was able to build a great marketing base from these events and is now a recognized leader at the X games!