Sunday, April 22, 2012

Branding Green

Not supporting conservation and recycling can cost you if you don't embrace it!  It shows responsibility and doesn't have to cost you a fortune to promote it.  Is it annoying to have to implement new programs?  Like any new venture or program it doesn't have to be and after all it is a form of positive marketing!  Starting out small is the key and then get creative.  Start out by recycling plastic and separating paper.  Once you do it for a while it becomes a habit and then you hardly notice the effort spent.  It is truly amazing to see how much you can conserve and save over time from clogging our land through executing a plan!  
Even More Reasons to Go Green

Using eco-friendly promotional products will not only help to make our environment greener and cleaner, but also provide additional benefits for your business. Here are just some of the many reasons to go green in your branding:

Being green is in - it's important that your business isn't seen as being behind the times.

Green promotional branding products not only promote your business, but mark your organization as conscientious.  By showing that your company is aware of the issues that face the environment, your company represents higher standards - consumers respect this gesture of promoting with a social cause.

Eco-friendly promotional products can instill a sense of continued environmental care though the products themselves. Save trees by giving away USB drives or non-disposable drinkware.  USB drives are not only convenient  - they cut down on printing. Providing non-disposable drinkware will cut down on individuals continually using and then discarding them. Mugs and sport bottles -made of polycarbonate materials- are great types of permanent drinkware items that continue to promote your brand.Get public relations opportunities!  Send out a press release to the media to explain how eco-friendly promotional items are part of your overall plan to be a greener business.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Umbrella Effect

Are you taking advantage of the powerful marketing tool of custom umbrellas?

Let's Review The Facts:

Who uses umbrellas? Everyone! Umbrellas are highly practical products, commonly used in all seasons by folks of any age, gender and social status - the perfect opportunity to position your logo to a broad audience.

No matter what type of umbrella you choose, umbrellas will help boost sales and increase your business.
Smaller umbrellas make excellent customer giveaway items to be used again and again. Mini, folding umbrellas are a hit for clients on the go!
Larger umbrellas help to announce your business to the world. Here are just a few options:
  • Over outdoor seating at a cafĂ© or restaurant -- protect customers from the elements while attracting attention from people passing by.
  • At retail establishments -- draw attention to a table in front of a store or even inside over items that you want customers to notice.
  • In corporate business - use an umbrella to make your company stand out at a tradeshow or community events.

Umbrellas can be used rain or shine:
Rain -- discover the ironic yet powerful influence of branding during inclement weather. Providing custom umbrellas evokes smart thinking and preparation that can transform a potential failure to a triumph: your ROI on an event that is either stifled or prematurely canceled due to rain is not only be salvaged, it provides a unique opportunity to promote your brand.
Sun -- shading umbrellas are key advertising opportunities. These large, colorful umbrellas not only serve to protect consumers from the sun, they attract attention to your business.

Umbrellas are everywhere . . . on the street, at the beach, on the golf course, at outdoor cafes, at corporate events, at trade shows, in retail stores, at registration tables, over a ticket counter. . . . the list goes on and on!

There are many advantages for promoting your business with custom umbrellas. Here are just a few:
Large Imprint Area - umbrellas hold a wider display area for your logo than most promotional items.
Assured Visibility - umbrellas are always used in public! Your logo will travel far and wide. Plus, since umbrellas always travel high above all heads in a crowd, they are mobile billboards for your brand.
Reusability - Ever been in caught in a sudden rain pour? Another advantage of providing custom umbrellas is that in rainy seasons people carry umbrellas wherever they go!

How do you use umbrellas in your marketing? Here at Petrocelli Marketing Group, we can give expert advice and offer a huge selection of customizable umbrellas for any brand and any need.
We keep up on the current trends and styles. You can choose different designs of umbrella shapes, designs and handles, as well as different materials used to construct the umbrella. Some of our favorites . . . multiple designs on each umbrella panel and an image on the underside of the umbrella. And, how about imprinting a matching carrying case with your company name and logo for brand exposure at all times? We've got your business in our best interest!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Great Ways to Build Your Building Materials Business!

Looking for a great way to build your business?  Increased exposure through effective advertising is the answer!

Promotional products yield a higher return on investment, along with a lower cost-per-impression, compared to other advertising media. So, be sure to get products branded with your logo to spread the word!

Here are the top ways to use logo branding to differentiate your company from the competition:

Promo Items
Basic items like pencils, key chains, magnets, etc., with your company's name, logo and contact information can give real estate professionals, developers, project managers, and potential customers a constant reminder of your company. 

Give branded apparel to employees and your company is seen as a professional organization; give them to customers - it's a walking advertisement for your company! 

Branding your company's equipment with your logo will display the company's corporate identity, while increasing exposure. Giving away practical tools like tape measures, screwdrivers, etc., with your logo will not only make a great impression, but also be used over and over, for a continued spotlight on your company.  

Here at Petrocelli Marketing, we know that printed business items are important to a company's brand.  That's why we offer full service printing - business cards, letterhead, forms, checks, direct mail, banners, etc. 

We've got hundreds of thousands ideas for promo items that will nail the competition . . .  - give us a call!